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Is your dog bite infected?

Cleaning a dog bite is difficult. With any type of puncture wound, there is a chance that bacteria will get trapped in it. Even if you wash it out, this can still happen. In fact, puncture wounds often look less dangerous because they don’t bleed as much, but bleeding...

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How survival actions matter after a wrongful death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it’s always difficult for their survivors to cope. It’s worse, however, when a loved one’s life was tragically cut short due to someone else’s needless mistakes or actions. The deceased’s survivors can bring two different types of...

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Brain injuries may have a delayed onset

After getting into an auto accident, one thing that victims need to be wary of is the potential that they’ve suffered a brain injury. Sometimes, those brain injuries will be obvious, such as if a victim hit their head hard on the steering column or a window. Other...

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