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Are “dangerous” dog breeds really more dangerous than others?

by | May 4, 2022 | Personal Injury

Wisdom has it that certain breeds of dogs are much more dangerous than others. Yet a new study shows this is untrue. The study found that breed only plays a 9% role in predicting how a dog will behave. So you can discard all those internet articles that tell you this breed has a docile personality and that one is aggressive.

The first thing to realize is that any dog can bite. A dog that is not banned or restricted by the local council could still put you in the hospital, just like one the authorities deem can only be out while wearing a muzzle.

Secondly, most dogs do not go around biting people all the time. They usually only do so for a reason.

So what makes a dog bite someone?

The research suggests you first look at how the dog was raised and kept. If someone wanted to train a collie pup to bite anyone that approached the door, they probably could. If you starve, beat and kick a gentle, lounging mastiff enough, it too may hurt the next person who walks through the door and attempts to take its bowl away. Dogs typically bite out of fear. What makes a dog scared enough to bite depends on the individual.

Others bite because they do not understand where play stops. It can be a particular issue with kids who wander straight into the puppy’s bed, grab the pup’s favorite toy and run away. The dog may react to the child in the same way it does when its siblings do the same. It catches up with the child and begins an open-jawed game of rough and tumble.

If a dog injures you or your child, don’t blame the dog. Blame the owner. Getting legal help to understand how to do this increases the chance you get the compensation you will need.