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A motorcyclist’s biggest threat is a car turning left 

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Motorcyclists often feel safe when they ride because they trust their own skills and experience. And it’s true that they can become safer with that experience, as all drivers do in all types of vehicles. 

However, the real threat to a motorcyclist is that another person can make a driving error and hit their bike. Riders cannot always predict these crashes or avoid them. When they happen, they can be devastating. One of the most common types of accidents involves a left turn. 

How does it happen?

These are simple and yet serious accidents. Essentially, they happen when a car and a motorcyclist are heading toward one another, in opposite lanes. The driver of the car needs to turn left, meaning they have to pass in front of the bike — or behind it — while going over that oncoming lane. 

If that driver makes a judgment error, such as assuming the bike is farther away than it is, he or she may turn directly in front of the motorcycle. This can also happen when the driver just neglects to look for motorcycles or looks and doesn’t even see the small bike on the road. 

No matter what mistake leads to the crash, the motorcyclist is in vastly more danger. According to some reports, riders are 29 times as likely to pass away from the injuries they suffer. 

Can you seek compensation?

You can see that all of your skill and experience can’t always protect you from drivers who are simply not aware or who are negligent behind the wheel. If you lose a loved one or get seriously injured, you may be able to seek financial compensation. for your injuries, property damages, lost wages and more.