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What exactly is strict liability?

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you are hurt by someone’s dog, something to keep in mind is that California has strict liability laws. What this means is that the state has decided that it’s the responsibility of the dog’s owner to make sure that their pet does not harm others. If the pet does bite, then the owner may be held liable for any injuries and damages that result.

Strict liability applies in most cases, but there are times when a dog bite won’t lead to an owner being held liable. For example, if the dog pushed someone over or jumped on them, the owner may not be responsible since the dog didn’t bite them. Similarly, if the dog was provoked into biting, such as if someone hit it, then the owner could argue that they should not be liable for the injuries that resulted from those actions.

Strict liability means that owners may need to pay

If a dog bites you unprovoked, it is your right to seek compensation from the owner. You may be able to get compensation in one of a few ways, such as by making a claim against the owner’s homeowner’s insurance. Usually, homeowner’s insurance policies will cover a dog bite the first time it happens on a property. After that, the owner may need to get dog bite insurance separately to make sure that others can get compensation.

If they have no insurance, you can always pursue a lawsuit directly against the animal’s owner. Suing may not be the first thing on your mind, but if they are not willing to cover your losses or to compensate you in other ways, then you may need to take the owner to court.

Strict liability is there to protect victims of dangerous animals

Strict liability laws are there to help make sure that those who are injured by animals get the support that they need. When a dog bites and injures someone, the law states that the owner can be held responsible. While there are exceptions to the rule, most owners will need to cover your losses if their dog bites you.