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3 known causes of retail shop slip-and-falls

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

One of the more common reasons people bring personal injury claims against stores is that someone slipped and fell. When a person who gets hurt at a business can show that negligent practices, such as inadequate cleaning or improper equipment maintenance, led to their injuries, they may be able to file a civil lawsuit or an insurance claim against the business. 

Businesses generally have an obligation to try to prevent reasonably foreseeable accidents. What are some examples of known slip-and-fall hazards at stores? 

Entranceway rugs

When it rains, the store needs something absorbent to keep the water people track in off the floors. When it’s dry, the business needs an abrasive surface so that people can get dirt and dust off of their shoes and ensure good traction on the floor. If those rugs are saturated with water or filth or if they get wrinkled, they are as likely to cause someone to trip as they are to prevent an accident. 

Spills and leaks

Maybe there is a pipe that constantly drips in the middle of the store, or perhaps a refrigeration unit tends to leak if people leave the door open after selecting a product. Maybe someone spilled a bag of coffee grounds or a can of lemonade on the floor. Shops need to be constantly cleaned to keep the floors clear and safe for visitors. 

Electrical cords

Businesses frequently invest in special, low-profile covers for where their power supply crosses the aisles and the pads their customers use. Left exposed, electrical cords can tangle someone’s legs up and drag them down to the floor. 

Realizing that a business left a known risk factor openly exposed might motivate you to take action after you get hurt on their premises.